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Asics Sortie Japan

The greatest racing flat ever made?

Update 2016. Still an amazing shoe, but IMPOSSIBLE to find. Asics released a new batch in Japan of blue and white two-tones sorties. They sold out almost immediately in the popular sizes. Size 29.0cm never became available at the resellers so I was unable to test it. They need to make this shoe more available.

The hard to find racing flat from Asics. This one was ordered directly from Japan. It is light, well-made, and fast. What else can you say? This is my new favorite shoe. Do you remember the shoe you wore for your last PR?

The weight for a pair of Asics Sortie Japan shoes in size 11.5 (29cm) is 11.0oz (6.5oz each).

These shoes are so nice, they belong in a display case or a museum. Except they were made to go fast and hit the roads. Why own a sports car if you aren't going to drive it?


Left shoe. Two tone color format. Well stitched upper.


Right shoe.


Nice looking back.


Don't use these for a rainy trail race..


The largest size available is 29.0 or 11.5 US.


TMM451. There are many models of Sortie. This is the main version. They also have "magic", trainer, etc...


User Rating: 4.86