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Seattle Marathon

The 2013 Seattle marathon was held on December 1, 2013.

The main event

Start time 8:15am. The forecast for this thing was all over the map. The initial forecast called for a torrential downpour with a cold wind. The forecasters were hedging their bets left and right. No one knew what to expect, so many people including myself were overdressed at the start.

The course starts along the monorail tracks. The full has the advantage of way less people than the half marathon. This makes running fun and easy with minimal dodging compared to most big city races. The is some overlap, however, but it is not too bad for a larger marathon.

Race Milestones

Please note these mile milestones are from memory and may be off.

Mile 2 was uphill and featured the first aid station. Volunteers, as they were at all aid stations, were very enthusiastic and offered gatorade or water.

Mile 3-4 was on I-90 into the tunnel. This is where you run into the majority of the half-marathon walkers. The tunnel was surprisingly warm so I took off my jacket. Another aid station and porta potties were located conveniently in this tunnel.

Exiting the tunnel brings you to the floating bridge portion of the race. 100% concrete surface. Concrete sucks in a marathon. Asphalt is such a better product. Just say no to concrete.

After the Mercer island turn-around, there was easily a 25mph head/crosswind with gusts to 35-40mph. I kept checking Lake Washington for kitesurfers with drysuits. None were found.

Mile 8 brings you to the shores of Lake Washington. This section out towards Seward park and back is very pleasant and scenic It's clearly where the race was begins and your pace needs to be dialed in. The concrete was gone and running became easier in the wind shadow.

Seattle mile 13 around Seward Park

I stayed with a pace group from 13.1 to 20 miles. The pacer was dropping people like flies. It was necessary with the time gap to make up as they did the first half too slow.

After 20 miles, the hills begin through Interlaken park

The final 2-3 miles brought another headwind. Somewhere on this stretch there was a "phantom" aid station that turned out to be a medical tent only. Funny that's when I really felt like some water. The direct 25mph headwind was taking its toll.

The final hill down to the underpass was slower than the uphill. I finished well off goal time.


(Photos taken using a Minox ECX and Ilford FP4 Plus 125 film.)

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