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California International Marathon (CIM)

This marathon is famous for being fast and a good qualifier for Boston over a year out. It also has guaranteed entry if you meet certain times. Check the CIM website for the latest details and rules. If you have run this marathon, please vote below(requires javascript).

CIM is known for accepting runners that are left in the lurch by marathons that get cancelled or postponed. This year, the Santa Barbara marathon was cancelled. Runners can contact CIM and get guaranteed entry into CIM

CIM controversially does not use gatorade or drinks with carbs. We understand that sugar has a bad reputation. However, in a marathon, gatorade or carbs is the fuel of choice for many runners. They may accomodate faster runners, but not having gatorade is inconvenient.

The course is downhill and point to point. If conditions are ideal, expect a PR. A few years back, there was freezing rain. This is the gamble for a December marathon. At least it won't be too warm.

Overall, CIM is highly recommended for all runners. It doesn't have the history of Boston, but it is one of the best organized marathons out there. As of 2015, there is no half marathon to navigate around during your race. The marathon is the main and only event, exactly how it should be.

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