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Asics Hyper Speed 6

The Asics Hyper Speed 6 came back on the market after a long hiatus from this series (in the US at least). There are several colors available, but forget about getting something with classic styling anymore. The triathlon inspired ultra bright shoe is here to stay. At least they're pretty visible at dusk.

This is my current race shoe for 5kms and 10kms. It is very light, but has surprising cushioning. It is flexible. It has a decent upper. They are available for a decent price, much cheaper than the blazingfast or SP6, but way more versatile. For me, this is a shoe to grab a few extra pairs at closeout. A huge improvement from the SP5.

If you look at the weight of 12.8oz for a pair of 11.5's(6.4 oz per shoe), you can see it is much lighter than previous Hyper Speeds and not much more than what the Piranha SP3 weighed. This is basically the "new" Piranha SP3 whereas the Piranha SP6, Blazingfast is more of a miler's shoe now.


User Rating: 4.4