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Asics Hyper Speed 4

The Asics Hyper Speed 4 looked a lot like the piranha sp3. This is before the trend to make all shoes annoying standout colors, which may be better for safety, but give us a choice! If you go to runningwarehouse, there are hardly any shoes with the classic look of these older Hyper Speeds or Piranha SP3. This trend seems to have originated from triathlons, not that there is anything wrong with triathlons.

But enough about the looks of the shoe. It's light, but a much different shoe than the SP3. A great shoe, but you can really feel the difference from the racing flat. It just doesn't feel as fast. It also has an annoying "mesh" sole underneath that "captures" rocks. You are constantly pulling these rocks out.

Overall a great shoe, but the Piranha SP3 beats it in every way. The Hyper Speed 4 isn't much more durable or cushioned either.

No weight was measured for this shoe, but it is comparable to the Hyper Speed 5.


User Rating: 3