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Asics Blazingfast (aka Piranha SP5?)

This review is for the Blazingfast. It is rumoured to be the same as the SP5. The SP5 looks identical so this is likely true.

The Blazingfast is all about low weight. I found this great, but the cushioning of the older Piranha's is not there. A 5km is the maximum distance I would use these for. It is better for the mile. I'm disappointed because it isn't as versatile as the SP3/SP4, but still a great shoe. The styling is not as nice either. The classic old-school style of the SP3 and SP4 in those shoes looks better. Consider the current Hyper Speed 6 for 10kms instead.

I measured a weight of 9.0oz for a pair of size 11.5 shoes. My Piranha SP3 shoes weighed in at 10.2oz for size 11. The difference of 1.2oz is noticeable, but I'll take the extra for more cushioning.

Instead of this shoe, why not try the Sortie even though it is difficult to get. Or just try the Hyper Speed instead.


User Rating: 3.67